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Here is what makes the News Reports Service at show Me Production a great and professional experience.

  01  Multi language:

We rely on our global multicultural and highly skilled team in dealing with news Tv channels from any country around the world and in any language.

  02  Multi discipline:

We can prepare TV news reports on all topics, whether political, economic, cultural or sports news reports straight from the heart of the Qatari state.

  03  Fast Delivery:

We understand news reports and the importance of speed to achieve a press scoop with our multiple options in delivering it to the client via FTP or Fade.

  04  Daily suggestions:

We are always up to date with all events in Qatar to deliver our clients proposals for news reports. Political, economic, sports news and TV programs.

  06  News Reporters:

We rely on our network of highly qualified, experienced and certified news reporters. We have strong relationships with most of professionals and journalists in Qatar.

  06  Professional Devices:

We have all the professional cameras needed for the report, the best image and sound equipment, sound mixers and lighting.

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