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Here is what makes the Event Live Service at show Me Production a great and distinguished experience.

  01  Technology used:

The live broadcast service from the event happens via SNG satellites or some devices that work via the internet such as, Live U and TV U.

  02  Wide coverage:

We help you to easily stream any event or conference directly to your Tv Channel, website or social media. Our teams can cover all event sizes. 

  03  receive and deliver:

Quick response is important for us. Starting with receiving the order, preparing equipments, moving to the event location and starting the stream.

  04  Professional Devices:

We have all the professional cameras needed for the event, the best image and sound equipment, sound mixers and lighting.

  05  Professional Team:

Our teams have more than ten years of industry experience in broadcasting conferences and press conferences to Arab, regional and international TVs.

  06  Geography coverage:

Our team can easily and quickly reach the location of the event anywhere in Qatar through Show Me dedicated transportation vehicles.

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