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Show Me is the leading company in Doha to provide live broadcasting and media production for TV channels around the world with super fast pace of keeping pace with events and very high quality in production. In addition to artistic production services in Qatar

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Show Me Production

Show Me Production is a professional company specialized in providing television services. With more than ten years of industry experience, we provide our services to international and Arab Tv channels from the State of Qatar.

Our distinctive location in the heart of the Qatari capital, Doha significantly helps us. Al Sadd Road 343 is our great location that facilitates our quick access to any event anywhere in the country.

Whether it is a political conference, a cultural event, or a sport event. this allows us to quickly fullfil our customer’s request. In addition, our location facilitates the arrival of guests to our studios when requesting the live studio service.

Kusai Al Nasser
General Director

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    Live broadcast from Show Me studios. Show Me has professional teams and studios. Therefore, Show Me is able to quickly respond to all requests. Thanks to our big database of guests speaking in Qatar, we are able to fulfill all requests in all topics. In addition, it is possible to conduct interviews with guests at their accommodation.


    Live broadcast for all events to TV channels, social media and websites. Show Me is capable to broadcast large and small conferences. Our teams enjoy a quick response to all requests, provide all the needed professional equipments for the event. Our experience in this field is more than ten years.


    Preparing news reports for TV channels on all political, economic, cultural and sports topics from the heart of the Qatar. Our teams are multicultural, multilingual, highly qualified and experienced. We understand the news report and the importance of scooping speed. Therefore, You can rely on us to professionally fulfill your needs.


    Professional production for all kinds of recorded and live program episodes. We can also help TV channels to reach the right guests and provide distinctive filming locations compatible with the theme of each episode. We have all the professional cameras and the necessary technical staff for all programs.

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